permanent cosmetics

Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing.  The cosmetic implantation technique inserts colored pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.  Permanent cosmetic makeup provides a safe, natural looking alternative or enhancement to a daily makeup routine.  The result is a lasting waterproof color that remains fresh and beautiful, no matter what your activity.


With so many Permanent Makeup Artists in San Diego and Southern California it can be hard to pick your professional.  Not to mention SCARY!  There is a lot of bad work out there!!!  Don't fret, you are in good hands with Beauty by Chanel.  Whether you are considering brow, eyeliner, or lip-color services you can be sure to receive individualized attention and detailed perfectionism, unique to you and your specific needs and expectations.  Chanel is highly qualified, with over 10 years in the beauty industry as a State Board Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist and over 5 years as a SCPME Certified Permanent Dermal Artist.  


Beauty by Chanel is a fully regulated Body Art Facility licensed by the San Diego County Health Department and in 100% compliance with the CA Safe Body Art Act.  All instruments and supplies used are DISPOSABLE, including microblading needle tools.  Disinfection and sanitation is #1.  A clean and sterile environment will prevent cross-contamination, keeping everyone safe.


Prior to booking your appointment...

There is a lot of information you should be aware of and consider before scheduling your permanent makeup procedure.  Plan ahead.  Click Here for important info, before and aftercare, paperwork, and how to schedule your appointment without a consultation.


Still have questions after reading the link above?  No problem! Come in for a 30 min complementary consultation prior to booking your Permanent Cosmetic Service.  During this appointment I will answer any questions you have and also discuss your medical history, before and aftercare, your goals and expectations.  You fill out paperwork at this time and we can then book your service appointment.  A $50 deposit will be collected when booking your appointment and will then be deducted from the total cost of service.  Deposits are non-refundable.


Eyebrows (machine method)

Eyebrows are the focal point of the face.  Sparse brows can be made to look fuller and for those that do not have any brow hair, let me create the “perfect brow” to complement your facial features.  A powder fill will create the look of brows filled in with make up while the technique of creating hairstrokes and use of multiple colors will create a more natural effect.  Combined techniques will create a dimensional look.  Price includes a complementary perfecting appointment scheduled 6-8 weeks after initial service.




Eyebrow Microblading (manual method)

Considered less permanent and less invasive than traditional permanent makeup, this method of cosmetic tattooing uses a manual hand tool (not a machine) to create the finest of hairstrokes resulting in the most natural looking eyebrows.  The 100% sterile and disposable tool (CA Safe Body Art Act Compliant) houses a row of ultra-thin needles that are pulled across the skin, implanting pigment into tiny incisions as fine as your natural hairs.  Results typically last 1-3 years.  A color refreshing touch-up appointment done yearly will keep your brows looking fresh.  Price includes a complementary perfecting appointment scheduled 6-8 weeks after initial service.  



$275 - After 18 months Full Price may apply.


Pigment placed in between the lash hairs will give a subtle lash enhancement that will make your eyes sparkle while full eyeliner will enhance the lashes and create a more dramatic look.  Price includes a complementary perfecting appointment scheduled 6-8 weeks after initial service.

Full Liner (upper & lower) - $400

Touch-up - $200

Upper or Lower Only - $300

Touch-up - $150

Beauty Marks


- $50 when added to another permanent cosmetic service.

Color Refreshing Touch-Up          

- Touch-up pricing is available to return clients only and does not apply to work performed outside of Beauty by Chanel. Touch-up service is 1 appointment.  A 6 week perfecting appointment can be scheduled at an additional cost.

Corrective Work       

- Price TBD. Consultation Required.