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tooth BLING

Add some Sparkle to your Smile!


For our tooth jewelry we use Genuine Gold, Diamonds, and Swarovski Crystals that are

small in diameter, have a flat back platinum surface and are applied to the tooth using 

safe dental materials.  Our application requires no drilling and no holes. It is completely

painless, will not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed.

*It is non-invasive and painless.
*Requires no extra maintenance.

*Involves a procedure that only takes about 15 minutes and is 100% reversible.
*Can be removed or replaced anytime has no effect on the tooth enamel once the

jewel is removed or replaced.

Q: How long will the tooth jewel last? 
Anywhere from 6-24+ months.  The longevity of a gem on the tooth depends on the 

natural acidity of your saliva and diet. 

Q: Can I feel the tooth jewel on my tooth? 
A: Initially something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application

you will get used to the new feeling.

Q: Will the jewel harm my tooth? 
No! The jewel is bonded to the enamel like an orthodontic bracket without any drilling

or pain. The procedure and removal can be compared to orthodontic brackets. Brush,

floss, and visit your dentist normally.  Gem can be easily removed at any time by a dentist. 

Q: Can I eat the same day?
 Yes, please wait 1 Hour after the gem is applied to eat, drink or smoke.

Q: How old must you be for a tooth gem?

A: There is no more risk applying a gem to a child’s tooth than an adult’s.  Dentists have

been using the same bonding system to fit braces to children’s teeth for many years with

no adverse effect.  We do require parental consent for anyone under the age of 18.

Q: What if the jewel falls off and I swallow it? 

A: It will simply pass through the system in the natural way with no adverse effect.  Gems have no sharp edges.

Q: Can a gem be bonded to any tooth surface?

A: No, a gem cannot be applied to an artificial tooth surface such as crowns, caps, veneers or dentures.  


Swarovski Crystals - $80
(any color, any size)

Swarovski Shapes - $90
(any shape)

18K/24K Gold - $120+
(limited availability, pre-order available)

Diamonds - $140-$160
(must pre-order)

$30 discount for each additional gem/diamond/charm
applied during the same visit

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